April Advice: When To Start PR & What You Need To Be Ready

April Advice: When To Start PR & What You Need To Be Ready


Client Oil & Water rainwear featured on ScoutFashion in the NY Times 

Whether you’re launching a brand or looking to refresh an existing one, public relations is an essential step to advance your brand awareness and promote growth. But when should you invest in PR? We recommend having a PR plan in place to coincide with your launch (or relaunch). If you are investing in production, samples, and inventory and not building brand awareness through PR…How will anyone know your brand exists?

Your best bet is to lay the foundation for PR and get all of the materials ready for when press samples and high resolution, magazine-ready images are available. Keep in mind most magazines work on a 3 to 4 month lead time, so you’ll need to think ahead as well. (Sidenote: April means editors are starting to work on Back To School stories!)

To start PR, be mindful that the process takes time to build momentum and trust. This means you and your PR team will need to be ready when a magazine requests samples overnighted of your FW ’17 collection or needs high resolution product images of your collection immediately. If you can’t deliver, they move on to the next more prepared brand…And probably won’t contact you again. In saturated markets, it’s important to stand out and be able to gain the trust of the media and public with reliability and authenticity.

Often, brands are worried about the cost of PR and decide to hold off until they magically have more x, y, and z. They will invest in the wrong areas (buying fake followers, shady gifting suites…) and lose valuable time. If you start and stop PR, you lose valuable momentum and time. What’s more newsworthy: a newly launching brand with a fresh concept, or the 5-year-old one that’s stagnant? In PR and life, money is a renewable resource; sadly time is not. When building your budget, factor in PR and see it as a long-term component of your brand’s growth, rather than an extra.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about PR or our services- we’ve been successfully growing brands since 2006 and are eager to help!

The Big Day: Rainey’s Closet at New York Magazine Weddings Event

The Big Day: Rainey’s Closet at New York Magazine Weddings Event


New York Magazine held their annual Weddings Event yesterday in NYC- lucky brides went home with a special gift from Rainey’s Closet! To learn more about the upscale bridal event & gift bag contents, visit here.

Rainey’s Closet is perfect for seamless wedding planning- simply rent a flower girl dress for the big day and return with the enclosed shipping label- no need to dry-clean! The luxury children’s fashion website offers flower girl dress rentals from high-end designer labels including Tutu Du Monde, Dollcake, and Nellystella, to name a few. Learn more at www.raineyscloset.com.

Luxury Fashion Rentals for Littles: Introducing Rainey’s Closet

Luxury Fashion Rentals for Littles: Introducing Rainey’s Closet


Celebrating special occasions is often a daunting task for parents- selecting the perfect outfit and accessories for their children can not only be costly but time consuming. Rainey’s Closet aims to solve this dilemma with seamless luxury fashion rentals for babies & children in their one-stop online shop. The Rainey’s Closet end goal is clear: priceless quality family time is preserved and a special memory is made.

A multitude of shimmering tulle dresses, sequined shrugs, and vintage lace crowns from coveted labels including Tutu du Monde, Dollcake, Joyfolie, and Nellystella are available to rent at www.raineyscloset.com. Rainey’s Closet rentals are a fraction of what it would normally cost to purchase items outright- items often worn once for the special occasion and never again- with the normal rental totaling $30-$45. Luxe ball gown rentals are typically around $100 for styles that normally retail for over $500. Outfit add-ons and accessories, including collars, capelets, headbands, and flower crowns, are available to rent at a reasonable range of $8 to $20.


The nude Swan Queen dress and Queen’s Tiara by Tutu du Monde are two of the most popular rentals. Flower girl gowns for bridal parties, first birthday party frocks, and festive holiday dresses for family portraits are a few common reasons for shopping Rainey’s Closet. Photographers and stylists seeking one of a kind outfits for fashion shoots and editorials are also placing orders.

The Rainey’s Closet concept was formed in 2015 after founder Erica Richards had a frustrating experience coordinating clothing and accessories for her annual family photo session. Spending countless hours tracking down items (often too expensive or they wouldn’t arrive in time) and scrambling to find something for her 3-year-old daughter, Rainey, Richards realized there was a true need for a streamlined, luxury children’s fashion rental process. Rainey’s Closet aims to let parents spend valuable time with their children rather than wasting precious hours hunting down complete outfits.

“After a lot of time and money was invested in an outfit that would be worn only once, I thought,

‘I wish there was somewhere I could rent everything in one place and be done with it,’” said Richards.

Now there is. The simplified Rainey’s Closet rental process allows customers to browse by size, category, brand, or date and reserve their selection for 4 or 8-day rental periods. Once reserved, their order will be shipped two days prior to their event for a standard shipping rate of $6. On the 4th or 8th day of the rental, customers can package everything in the original packaging and mail back using an included prepaid return label- no need to dry clean or pay again for shipping.


Rainey’s Closet offers coordinated outfit options from handpicked, hard-to-find brands for infants and children up to size 16. By taking the guesswork out of finding high-quality and limited run styles by in-demand designers worldwide, Rainey’s Closet is quickly becoming the online destination for discerning shoppers who adore micro fashion without the commitment or price tag of purchasing items. For added convenience, customers can directly shop the styles they see on the Rainey’s Closet Instagram in the InstaShop section of raineyscloset.com.