Coming Up Roses: Introducing British Client Blade & Rose

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Our new client Blade & Rose is Britain’s leading children’s clothing brand specializing in trendsetting leggings featuring cheeky designs on the bottom. In addition to their signature leggings, Blade & Rose carries hats, bibs, tops, hoodies, socks, and Wellington Boots. The company was founded by entrepreneurial mother of two Amanda Peffer during her maternity leave and is named after each child’s middle name, ‘Blade’ and ‘Rose’.

Inspired by her then 3-month-old daughter, who always had the tush of her leggings on display, Amanda found herself constantly pulling down her daughters dresses until she decided to embrace the beautiful bottom sticking out and design a fun range of leggings around this concept.


Blade & Rose uses high quality fabric that’s durable, washes well and most importantly is soft on children’s delicate skin. The initial range quickly sold out and now the family business has stockists worldwide, including the U.S., Europe, Japan, China & Dubai.
Blade & Rose is currently sold at over 200 stores in the USA, including Nordstrom. To learn more, please visit  ​

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